Beer for dessert!

Southern Tier Creme Brulee stout smells exactly like Creme Brulee. It's pretty impressive. It doesn't taste nearly as good though. Just kind of stout-y with a vanilla taste and bitterness. It's like how disappointed you will be if you ever taste vanilla extract. Maybe if I made a beer float out of it by mixing it with vanilla ice cream? That might work.

Totally not worth $7.99 for a big bottle though.

(Firefox wants me to replace "Brulee" with "Bruegel" or "Brummel".)


"As an alternative to discontinuing Direct TV service altogether, we will be reducing the number of channels so that we may continue to be able to provide free TV service. Beginning January 1, the following channels will be eliminated from the channel lineup:

Disney, NESN, FX, Fox Sports, All ESPN channels, BET, IFC, Bravo, A&E, History Channel, All HBO Channels, CNBC, MSNBC, SET, Zee TV.

We regret any inconveniences these changes may cause."

It's never been a great service, but it was free so that excused a lot. I was thinking of signing up with the real cable company anyway to get HD, but I guess my hand has been forced. I need the sports channels at the very least.


I love that thing they do now where a large "theater-style" concert venue that normally has seats can be converted to general admission up front. It's better than having a seat, because everyone stands anyways and you get closer with GA. And they sell more GA tickets than there would be seats, so more people get close. OTOH, ironically, it's not as crowded as a smaller GA-only venue since there are less GA tickets and the stage is way bigger.

I mention this because I was 20 feet away from Death Cab for Cutie on Saturday night, and it was awesome!

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I got a pair of prescription sunglasses from one of the cheap internet eyeglass places, goggles4u, and I am very impressed.  My prescription is pretty high and weird, so glasses are expensive to start with, and sunglasses have always been too much of a splurge. $250+ or so. But these only cost $38, so why not?   I ordered on July 21 and got them today, so that's not a bad turnaround either.

In retrospect, I probably should have gotten plastic frames that felt more like a sunglass frame.  These are just normal glasses tinted. Oh well, no big deal to buy another pair.

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You know what's trippy?  Moving a mirror in your house.  I keep catching myself looking at the blank wall for no apparent reason.

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So, not in 2008 because because I couldn't find the flights, but I am going to Asia in Feb 2009! Woo.

The ultimate goal is to get to Thailand on this trip, but I'm going to Singapore first because that's the closest I could get for free. There are virtually no reward flights on Northwest to Bangkok, Thailand. But Singapore sounds cool, eh? And the flight goes through Tokyo. And the flights around Asia are super-cheap.

How did I get 60,000 miles, considering I don't travel on Northwest that much? It was pretty tricky...
  • 25,000 miles for getting a Northwest Worldperks Visa
  • 20,000 points for getting a Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Amex
  • 10,000 SPG points for opening an Ameritrade account and keeping it open for 9 months
  • 3,000 points or so from using my SPG Amex
  • 5,000 miles as a bonus for transferring 20,000+ points to Northwest from SPG
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    Oh drat! My grand plans to get a free ticket to Asia on Northwest by signing up for various promos, and moving points around, and such, just hit a major snag since the 6000 mile bonus I was going to use is only for domestic flights. Damn fine print. Boo. And it's like $235 to buy those miles, so that's not a very attractive option.

    Edit: Oh wait!  I forgot I didn't transfer all my Starwood Points... and I have 5801 of them.  Which brings me to a grand total of 59823.  So as long as I spend $177 on my card this month, I should be there.  Crazy!

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    A tale of two Mexicos:

    A 7 hour 2nd-class ordinario bus-trip from Oaxaca to Pochutla = 80 pesos ($8)

    A 20 minute taxi ride from a posh hotel in Mexico City to the airport with an English speaking driver= 240 pesos ($24)

    Viva la Mexico!

    Mexico was awesome.  My photos are nothing special. It was that kind of trip.

    Mexico City: Frightfully unsafe apparently. Didn't really feel like it. I successfully passed as an indigent backpacker, so I wasn't kidnapped, robbed, etc.  I even took the Metro, which I have since learned is a BAD IDEA according to the EXPERTS.  Oh well.  It felt like there were only about 50 non-Mexican tourists -- in a city of 20 million.  No one speaks English.  It was great.

    Oaxaca: Demonstrations everywhere.    And no one knows why.  Maybe a teacher's strike, maybe something else today.  Doesn't really matter.  Good food, even at the hostel. Great mole. Saw the same tourists as in Mexico City.  Everyone is following the same route. Except most aren't going to the beach next...

    Puerto Escondido:  Hot. Humid.  No, really. The kind of weather that makes you go "oh, that's why no one is wearing shirts". The kind of place you need to go to last because all your possessions will attain a general dampness that can only be solved by some serious dryer time.  My Lonely Planet warped like a board, and it was just sitting on a table. Most laid back place ever, that I didn't even notice at first when someone sold me fake board shorts.