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Tue, Jun. 3rd, 2008, 03:38 pm
Viva la Mexico!

Mexico was awesome.  My photos are nothing special. It was that kind of trip.

Mexico City: Frightfully unsafe apparently. Didn't really feel like it. I successfully passed as an indigent backpacker, so I wasn't kidnapped, robbed, etc.  I even took the Metro, which I have since learned is a BAD IDEA according to the EXPERTS.  Oh well.  It felt like there were only about 50 non-Mexican tourists -- in a city of 20 million.  No one speaks English.  It was great.

Oaxaca: Demonstrations everywhere.    And no one knows why.  Maybe a teacher's strike, maybe something else today.  Doesn't really matter.  Good food, even at the hostel. Great mole. Saw the same tourists as in Mexico City.  Everyone is following the same route. Except most aren't going to the beach next...

Puerto Escondido:  Hot. Humid.  No, really. The kind of weather that makes you go "oh, that's why no one is wearing shirts". The kind of place you need to go to last because all your possessions will attain a general dampness that can only be solved by some serious dryer time.  My Lonely Planet warped like a board, and it was just sitting on a table. Most laid back place ever, that I didn't even notice at first when someone sold me fake board shorts.